Statement of Loss

We strategically partner with youth sports associations, leagues and clubs to safeguard their club fees.

When a player suffers a season-ending injury and has not yet paid their complete membership fees, the SportGuard program provides compensation for the unpaid balance of the club fees due.

This is a great opportunity for associations, leagues and clubs to provide a significant benefit to families of athletes, while at the same time safeguarding club fees.

The Statement of Loss indicates that the accident resulted in a season-ending injury and does not violate any terms or conditions as indicated on the SportGuard Schedule of Benefits. 

Written notice of loss must be provided within 30 days after a season-ending injury or as soon as reasonably possible.


Notice should be provided to:



2113 Greenbriar Drive, Suite #D

Southlake, TX 76092

Attn: Claims Coordinator

or Email to


Notice should include the Athlete’s name and address as well as the Certificate Number.  If written notice is not received within 30 days, the claim may be reduced or invalidated.  However, the claim will not be reduced or invalidated if (1) it can be shown that it was not possible within reason to submit notice within the 30 day period; and (2) it is further shown that notice was given as soon as possible.

Please Download the Statement of Loss PDF