Player Fee Warranty refunds up to 100% of the money invested into this season's team tuition fees. If your athlete suffers a season ending injury - You're covered. No matter WHEN, WHERE, or HOW the injury occurs. 

WHERE:  Anywhere - on or off the field (at home, school, playground, skateboarding, etc.).

WHEN:  Anytime - from the moment coverage begins until the last game is played.

HOW:  Anyhow - no matter how the injury occurs (slip on ice, skateboarding, fooling around, bicycle riding, etc.).


We know that families deserve a refund when their athlete can no longer play due to an injury, as the athlete does not get the value of the remaining portion of the season.  We also know that it is difficult for clubs to refund membership fees when an athlete's season-ending injury prohibits them from completing the season - as the club relies on those fees to cover the club's operating expenses.  Don't let it affect your bottom line. With SportGuard families and clubs never even have to discuss the refunding of club fees. 

If the athlete has paid all fees upfront, the family is reimbursed.

If the athlete is on a payment plan, the club is reimbursed for the remainder of the unpaid fees.

"We have seen parents suffer financial hardship after spending a great deal of money

to allow their child to play club sports, only to lose it all when their athlete can no longer play due to injury."

- PFW founders Paul Mulvaney, Gregg Murphy and Eric Goodman

With SportGuard families and clubs never even have to discuss the refunding of club fees.

The program will reimburse a maximum of $5,000 per athlete, per sport, per season.

We've got you covered!

Industry statistics illustrate that more than 3.5 million youth sports related injuries are reported each year.

The PFW Club Fee reimbursement program covers most youth sports.  Click HERE to see the eligible sports.