Up to 100% Reimbursement

If your athlete suffers a season ending injury - You're covered...

no matter where, when or how the injury occurs!


Player Fee Warranty refunds up to 100% of the money invested into this season's team tuition fees

WHERE:  Anywhere - on or off the field (at home, school, playground, skateboarding, etc.).​

WHEN:  Anytime - from the 1st day of practice until the last game of the season.

HOW:  Anyhow - no matter how the injury occurs (slip on ice, skateboarding, fooling around, bicycle riding, etc.).


For Athletes


We work directly with athletes and their families whose sports club does not (yet) offer the SportGuard program.


If an athlete suffers a season-ending injury, no matter where, when or how, the SportGuard program reimburses up to 100% the athlete for the unused portion.​

Covered Sports


We provide coverage for the majority of all sports in all 50 states. To see a complete listing of covered sports, click below.


For Clubs

We strategically partner with youth sports associations, leagues and clubs to safeguard their membership fees.  When a player suffers a season-ending injury, the SportGuard program provides compensation up to 100% for the unpaid balance of the membership fees due.


If the athlete has paid all fees upfront, the family is reimbursed.

If the athlete is on a payment plan, the club is reimbursed for the remainder of the unpaid fees.




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